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Journal:   IRANIAN RED CRESCENT MEDICAL JOURNAL (IRCMJ)   AUGUST 2013 , Volume 15 , Number 8; Page(s) 629 To 632.

Concerns On The Growing Use Of Lithium: The Pros And Cons (Editorial)

The Greek word, lithos means stone that is the origin of a metal named “lithium” (Li), the 27 th most abundant, the lightest alkali, highly reactive and flammable metal within chemical elements. Li is never found freely in the nature due to high reactivity and easily found as a soluble ion in water, so that it is ordinary gained from brines and clays. But, Li is commercially obtained from a mixture of Li and potassium chlorides. The Li minerals with high commercial value are belonging to silicates, micas and phosphates. Lithium has low atomic mass and is observed rarely in the solar system than other chemical elements. In nuclear physics, Li-6 deuteride is employed as a fusion fuel in staged thermonuclear weapons (1, 2)...
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