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Journal:   JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF LITERATURE AND HUMANITIES (KHARAZMI UNIVERSITY)   Fall-Winter 2003-2004 , Volume 11 , Number 42-43; Page(s) 31 To 50.


Author(s):  ABEDI M.*
* Teacher Training University
Naghshe Bar Ab zadan has proved as one of the puzzling interpretations in Hafizs poetry. Considering the history of this interpretation and the fresh sense attached to it by Hafizs magic skill, it is worth reading and exploring, specially due to the fact that the existing published literature has overlooked some aspects of this concept. The author intends to reconsider it in order to facilitate the perception of some aesthetic aspects of Hafizs poetry. To this end, quite inevitably, the present researcher presents some evidence in order to emphasize his approach and intention and to clarify some prevailing misinterpretations.
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