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Journal:   BARG-E FARHANG   SPRING-SUMMER 2010 , Volume NEW , Number 21; Page(s) 63 To 76.


Author(s):  SHAKOURI ALI*

This article concerns the relationship between globalization and education. Globalization refers to the formation of global systems. It has, in its essence, the internationalization of many affairs; however it is different from internationalization at least in a single characteristic that it supposes the nations and societies as necessary unit. Globalization includes various and different aspects which have coextensive and, at the same time, contradictory consequences.
Basically, The effects of globalization on the different social, political, economic and cultural domains, including education, have been discussed from two perspectives: a) from an ideological one which is based on neo-liberalism and it poses liberalization of education as the necessary precondition for the effectiveness and high quality of educational services; and b) from a pragmatistic perspective which is based on the existing facts and interests, and explains the change in education based on the existing gaps which is the failure that governments are faced with in supplying the financial resources for education on the one hand , and inflexibility of the traditional educational system in responding to the changing needs as a necessity, on the other. Considering these aspects, this article discusses the effects of globalization on education in such fields as decentralization, technology, development of multi-skills, migration and exchange of brains and labor forces, educational goals, educational liberalization, international work division in the field of knowledge. It argues that while governments are still working in their national frameworks, education and its reforms are the central issue in the agenda of the governments, particularly where it is related to the identity and distinction in educational policies.

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