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Journal:   BARG-E FARHANG   SPRING-SUMMER 2010 , Volume NEW , Number 21; Page(s) 50 To 62.


Author(s):  VAEZI M.A.D., GHOROUNEH D.

Nowadays globalization has covered every aspect of social life. Local cultures are increasingly being integrated as a whole. If we understand the higher education as a part of culture, then academia is one of the most visible sites of globalization in at least three ways: first, there are large flows of information, ideas, people, and knowledge, and growing numbers of networks between people and universities; second, university is the home of numerous global cosmopolitan elites who are effective in cultural advancement and third, university is the birthplace of many new technologies. Therefore, universal accessibility to higher education institutions and extra-mobility of university elites will cause cultural, economic, social, and political transformations all-around the world.

This article briefly concentrates on the relationship between culture, globalization and higher education. It establishes three separate sections. First, the conceptual framework of culture; second, phenomenon of cultural globalization and third, globalization of higher education through focusing on "Fears and Hopes" from the standpoints of several scholars, will be discussed.

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