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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF TRADE STUDIES (IJTS)   WINTER 2001 , Volume 6 , Number 23; Page(s) 10 To 10.


Author(s):  ABZARI M., AYATI M.
The message of economic globalisation expands transactions of goods between countries and makes it inevitable to constitute appropriate foundations for the world trade expansion. This requires suitable customs to handle this immense trade volume. An effective and efficient customs, not only help the government to implement national and international measures, but also can generate a stable stream of income. On the other hand, it brings a vivid flow of in-out of goods that would also assist economic decision makers. One of the defined systems aiming at fulfilling this objective is Automated Systems for Customs and Management (ASYCUDA). Since 1996, Iran customs has launched ASYCUDA, the system recommended by the United Nations to facilitate trade.
The present paper is derived from a research project titled "The efficiency of ASYCUDA System in Irans customs in the Eyes Staff and Forwarders". The method employed in this study was elevating description.
The highlights of the study results are as follows: From the view of forwarders ASYCUDA system does not have any effect on the expedition and easiness of their tasks. Both staff and forwarders see no effects of the system on custom services quality or sliding the fallacies down. Staffs view the system as having no effects on their skills. Forwarders see it as ineffective in bringing costs down.
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