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Journal:   MAQALAT WA BARRASIHA   2002 , Volume 35 , Number 71; Page(s) 247 To 265.


Author(s):  MUSAWIAN S.H.*
Essence and existence or two principle concepts that have been usedreciprically in all Islamic philosophical texts. In the present article wehave tried to consider a few rules related to essence from an analytical viewpoint with regard to Ibn Sinas opinions. Three different comments can be made about essence. One is the intrinsic approach to essence and the other two are the concrete judgment approaches. The first approach expresses the definitons and concepts of essence and its terminological and conceptional components. The second and third approaches studythe concept of essence from two different points of view: One tries todetermine how we can categorize it among human rational concepts as arational and intrinsic meaning, while the other attempts to clarify thesense of applicability of this concept. As explained by recent scholars,-essence is a secondary concept that has originated in the human mind.In Ibn Slnas well-known books - insofar as the author of this article hasconducted research- no clear discussion can be found on this subjectThus, we will first define the meaning and concept of essence and its applicability, then we will study the examples of a humam, a stone, and atree from Ibn SINAs point of view
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