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Journal:   MAQALAT WA BARRASIHA   2002 , Volume 35 , Number 71; Page(s) 211 To 219.


Author(s):  GODASTE N.*
The QaDI Abu Bakr al-Baqillanl had an outstanding role in the establishment of Ash ari Scholasticism. He was an expert in scholastic theololgy, jurisprudence, and the Quranic sciences. In the present article I have only looked at him from the perspective of scholastic theology and have reviewed his thoughts on scholasticism. AI-BaqilLAnIS scholastic system, in general, resembles a geometrically designed structure. In other words, the problems outlined possess a logical and deductive order so that the preceding problems are the basis for the next ones, and the following problems result from the previous ones. In this way, we observe that al-Baqillani begins his scholastic discussions by defining the problem and dividing it into evident and theoretical sciences, he makes it possible to pose the next problem by illustrating different kinds of self- evident and theoretical knowledge. In this manner, when rationel recognition is considered valid, al-BaqilLAini utilizes it as a means for studying nature and sees bodies as the structures in which the final atoms are the materials of these structures.In addition to atoms (essences) and bodies, al-Baqillanl observes other manifestations in this world that only last a moment and are called accidents. If we see these accidents as being stable, it is becuse God recreates them every moment. This is where al-Baqillanl rejects the law of causation. In any case, after establishing the occurece of bodies and accidents, al-Baqillanl sets out to prove a creator for the world. In doingthis, he rejects the opinion of all the other groups that attribute worldly phenomena to some thing other than God. After proving the singularity of the creator, he opens the discussion of Gods attributes. His opinion about the way we should relate these attributes to the essence is that God is endowed with these attributs through ancient and stablemeanings, and these meanings are additional to essence, although they cant be seperated from essence either
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