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Journal:   ROSTANIHA   2004 , Volume 5 , Number 3; Page(s) 51 To 57.


Author(s):  ZARE R., GAMS W.
Results In both phylogenetic analyses presented in parts 1 & 2, a major clade becomes evident that comprises most of the entomogenous species. According to SUNG et al. (2001 part 2), this cluster not only includes the majority of species previously classified in Verticillium sect. Prostrata but also the genus Beauveria with polyblastic conidiogenesis, the entomogenous species generally classified in Paecilomyces (now Isaria, HODGE et al. 2004) characterized by swollen phialides and catenate conidia, and the unispecific genus Microhilum with polyblastic conidiogenesis. The species of Verticillium sect. Prostrata with catenate conidia (GAMS 1971) have not yet been characterized with molecular methods and cannot be considered here. Within group Bl of SUNG et al. (2001- part 2) the morphologically most similar species, V. lecanii and "Cephalosporium" longisporum CBS 126.27 appear not to be very closely phylogenetically related, but they roughly span the array of species that we would include in one genus (with the exclusion of Beauveria and Microhilum). Our main concern is to delineate workable and reasonably natural genera that can also be recognized on morphological grounds. A genus is needed to accommodate the mostly entomogenous species with slender phialides. To facilitate practical usage, this genus will have to exclude the three groups mentioned, and possibly others, even though they are probably derived from it. We therefore take the risk of introducing a new, obviously paraphyletic genus, Lecanicillium. Based on the ITS-5.8S sequences, the species comprised in Lecanicillium form a monophyletic cluster with 99% Jackknife support, as evidenced in the cladogram of Fig. 3-1 (ZARE et al. 2000 - part 1).
It is somewhat surprising that no other available generic name was found among the numerous synonyms of the included taxa, most of which were originally described in Cephalosporium Corda, a generic name of doubtful application that is now abandoned. ...
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