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Journal:   SOCIAL WELFARE   SUMMER 2007 , Volume 6 , Number 25; Page(s) 111 To 131.


Author(s):  KADIVAR P.*, ZAHEDI F.

Objective: At the present time suicide studies from all of different views have been more important for researcher as a new topic among the important factors in suicide studies which increasingly getting more consideration, we can mention its increased rate in different countries of the world. Suicide has been counted among the ten main causes of the death in all ages of most countries. Based on WHO statistics, suicide is considered as the 2nd main causes of the death among adolescent between 15-19 and also it is the 3rd main causes of the death among the 19-24years old. This study was conducted to discover the role of the coping styles as a basic factor for suicide attempted among the female undergraduate students in Tehran universities.

Method: In this research, statistical population was female student’s suicide attempter of Tehran universities. At first, For finding suicide attempters, 5 universities were selected randomly among of Tehran universities as follows: Sharif University of Technology, University of Tehran, Al-zahra University, Tarbiat Moallem University & Shahid Beheshty University. The subjects of the study were 38 female students who had suicide attempted as experimental group that selected available sampling at the universities and 38 female students as norm group that selected on a random sample as the norm group was matched based on six variables: age, sex, marial status, major, study level and year of university entrance, with experimental group (suicide attempter). The sources of the above information were universities' chief, consultant and mental health centers at five selected universities. The subjects were not aware of our purpose and our information about themselves. The measurement instrument was Endler & Parker's coping inventory for stressful situations (CISS). This inventory included two forms, Adolescent and Adults forms which in this study adult’s form was used. Findings: According to statistical analysis of the data, the main result was obtained: "There is a significant relationship between the coping styles and suicide attempted among females students" and the following results were gained: a) in the use of the problem-based coping style, there is a significant relationship between the two groups (suicide attempted as well as norm group). b) There is a significant relationship between the use of the emotion-based coping style and suicide attempted the two groups. c) In the use of avoid coping style there is no significant relationship between the two groups.
Results: Based on the comparative study of coping styles and suicide attempted revealed that female students suicide attempter were used Emotion-based coping style more than Problem-based. Attitudes and believes of youth are the core of their Adjustment or nonadjustment coping responses and those indicate a high and considerable correlation in their suicidal behaviors .The main result referred to coping styles in females had an influence on suicide attempted or suicide avoidance. The results obtained can be helpful for cognitive management in stressful situations and for developing effective coping styles. In consideration of the fact that around 34% percent of the population in Iran in 1382 were in age groups 15-29 years increasing the understanding of the health of young people is critically important. As the conclusions of this study indicated, the teaching of effective coping styles to young students is very important to plan for increasing the psychological abilities the youth
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