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Journal:   SOCIAL WELFARE   SUMMER 2007 , Volume 6 , Number 25; Page(s) 11 To 37.



Objectives: Changes that happened during last decades in the world have severely affected formation and increasing social problems of youths. Iran also like other developing countries from one hand is facing accelerating evolution of globalization, and on the other hand crucial socio-political indigenous events and structural changes driving from those evolutions made a suitable ground for critical and anomic situation and emergence of various social problems as well.  One of due social problems is "sense of anomie" which itself is reflection of shallow organized and anomic society. Anomie is a Situation in which one Feels normlessness and refers to such a status characterized by confusion and disintegration between the individual and Society. Accordingly this article is reflecting research results of assessing economic sense of anomie and some affecting variables of that among youths of Iran.

Method: In the light of increasing importance of social Problem of youths, this article focuses on the "sense of economic anomie" in Iran. By constructing a conceptual framework following a review of the literature. After it, by method of survey and using questionnaire and applying interview technique, necessary information was collected. The research utilizes a member of statistical methods to reach the conclusions. The main variable, i.e. dependent .variable "economic sense of anomie" and other independent variables, in initial studies and after that measuring with standard of one or multidimensional scales, gained high validity and reliability. The statistic population was youths of Tehran which among them 816 people with multi stage and random sampling method were selected as size of sample.

Finding & Results: Large proportion of youths in their assessment of society draws an anomic and unstable condition and shows a sense of loosing integration with that. Sense of economic anomie among youths of this study is achieved by calculating data's of their opinion on variables like context of socio-economic condition in the domains of economic control, changes in economic condition of country, obeying rules and moral regulations in achieving economic success, cleavage between poor and riches, uncontrolled economic problems such as inflation, disordered of social condition and corruption. Totally 13.2% low, 32% middle and 54.3% were highly feeling economic anomie. This kind of anomie derived from individual, family, attitudes, confusion, distrust and pessimism factors. Among all these, pessimism of youths towards economic condition and possibility to have control over the means of economic success through legitimate rules and regulation has a highest rank in the statistic analysis.

Findings of the research confirms the sociological theories particularly those of Durkheim and Merton's that one of the main reason for the emergence and spread of the sense of anomie in a particular society is that there is no balance between culturally desired goals and institutionally accepted mode of achieving it. In Iran also placing value on those who have achieved material wealth and power is growing and the idea those who do not achieved wealth are not accorded status is generating. According to the findings of the research, high sense of economic anomie in different dimensions among youths of Iran has been as following: 55.7% think that only a small part of society has control over the economy. 49.5% think that there should be an action to change the economic condition of country. 61.5% feel that in achieving success they do not need to follow the rules and moral regulations of society. 55% think that there is no control over economic problems such as inflation. 50.2% believe that they have to pay bribe to be able to solve their economic problems and 59.7% also believe that economic condition of society is deregulated. Therefore, sense of economic anomie can generate total anomie in the society. it is necessary to consider this social problem and the factors of that in programs focusing on youth Participation.

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