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Journal:   ECONOMIC RESEARCH REVIEW   FALL 2007 , Volume 7 , Number 3 (26); Page(s) 305 To 348.


Author(s):  POURKAZEMI M.H.*

Commercial banks basically offer their services in three fields: resource mobilization, financial resources allocation and their banking services. These services are offered by their branches all over the country. These branches are essential into different grades: Independent, Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
The scope and responsibility of bank branches depend on their grades, so the bank management is interested in ranking their branch network. Any ranking should depend on three basic factors:' method of grading, indexes uses for ranking, the weights for each of the indexes used In the first place, we intend to survey different ranking techniques, reviewing three different methods: Taxonomy, Principal factors and a combination of the two. We have tried to define 24 different indexes in different fields where. The coefficients of these indexes are determined by two different methods. In this ranking the indices are not independent and have co-linearity. We have tried to incorporate this problem of co-linearity. Later, Taking into account these factors and correcting for the colinearity problem all the 2005 branches of Bank Tejarat have been ranked.

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