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Journal:   HONAR-HA-YE-ZIBA   SUMMER 2007 , Volume - , Number 30; Page(s) 43 To 52.


Author(s):  TAGHVAEI V.*
This article tends to review an aspect of Iranian architecture beyond abstract sciences. The spatial order was the same spiritual reality; the hidden pattern and sub pattern which apart from providing a comprehensive structure, explained and connected the experimental facts to metaphysical truths. This order compared to what we call a place was everywhere. It was a pattern that placed and disposed instead of being placed. As an applicable, the architecture, its imaginary conception and Eidos without paying attention to its output and sensibility is a waste of time. The spatial order as a chain that connected the sensible and insensible, was the organization and spatial arrangement which produced events and operations in which "Being" was acquired. An order which also provided dos and don'ts of life and movements pattern. This order reminds something more than functionalism. According to documents, Iranian architecture's spatial order was inspired by the spatial order of the universe. In this order it's not possible to separate part from the whole or the fixed from the changeable. Each portion was settled in a part of "Place" by its own real being. That's the reason this order has advantages such as vertical axis, being centripetal and directional and revealed the differences between parts by nature which leads to differences in places. The hierarchical order of creation caused that in the spatial order of Iranian architecture, spaces and access to them were settled according to their importance and hierarchical concept. And it had two other parts the centripetal and vertical axis spatial order. The centripetal spatial order arranged spaces around a covered or uncovered center and the vertical axis spatial order settled spaces around a vertical axis. The spatial order presents different shapes after defining sensible aspects and architectural structure. I use this opportunity to define, seven concepts in a particular structure, in order to explain truths about the spatial order of Iranian architecture compared to modem architecture which relies completely on the scientific mind of its compiler. 1- Reviewing beyond description: in reviewing valued ancient architecture one should listen to the speech of that architecture. In other words we should let them whisper to our soul. 2-Spatial order beyond function: this order brings about asylums through which we get the opportunity to create different function. 3- Hierarchical beyond border: this order tries to elevate from the horizons of mere living and material being to a higher rank in hyperphysical being. 4-direction beyond axis: In this order choosing direction by measure character of the building leads to non-measure character which is different to what we know as axis in modern architecture. 5-Vertical axis beyond height: the structure of vertical axis in this order presents Divine way which takes place in a particular space in the place. It is different to abstract height. 6-Centripital beyond centre: In this order the center from which the creation has begun can polarize spaces around itself. This centre is different to what we call geometrical entre. 7-Ascension beyond movement: In the Iranian architecture spatial order, being centripetal and having vertical axis explains the moment of union and solitude. A trip to learn about existence independent from physical movements. Provoking such feelings and qualities is among highest values of Iranian architecture.
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