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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS THOUGHT   FALL 2006 , Volume - , Number 20; Page(s) 81 To 105.


Author(s):  MOVAHED MAJID*

Feminism as a social movement and a epistemological system has challenged the religion as legitimating element of patriarchal structure. The feminist theologists present a new category in religious studies by serious critics toward religions and emphasize on issues of gender of God. They presented a new approach in religious studies as feminist theology and the idea of feminization of religion.
The data shows that the feminist critical approach in Christianity, the increase of women consciousness and their participation in society, especially the design of feminization of religion, the emphasis on the pluralism of religions, and personal religions with feminine approach, the conflict to fundamentalism, the presentation of female alternatives for the God and structural elements of feminist theology that in which emphasis on this world and human life in it substitute to the religious approaches, are all the effects of the feminist theology on the secularization in the western world.

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