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Journal:   PAZHUHESHNAMEH MATIN   SPRING 2006 , Volume 8 , Number 30; Page(s) 121 To 143.


Author(s):  ISA NIA R.*

Literature means the culture which is in opposition to the status quo and literature of resistance means a culture and idea that defends the truth and rejects falsehood. The main thrust of the present paper is to discuss the basics of Imam's literature of resistance. The present research focuses on four subjects: 'other, bases, factors, and obstacles of Imam's literature of resistance.
Regarding the first subject, Imam's literature is in confrontation with the literature of the East and West. With regard to the second subject, the bases of the literature of mundane uprising and resistance which is based on worldly reason and its relations with the divine uprising and resistance, which is based on the divine commandments are discussed. Regarding the third subject, the literature of resistance of Imam is known by such features as faith in God, self-confidence, awakening, etc. The fourth subject emphasizes on the literature of resistance along with the literature of uprising. The literature of uprising rejects the literature of the status quo, which is an obstacle in the way of the literature of uprising. The main obstacles of the literature of uprising are discussed in the present article.

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