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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS THOUGHT   WINTER 2007 , Volume - , Number 21; Page(s) 23 To 50.


Author(s):  KHAZAEI Z.

The rationality of ethics is one of the most important issues for philosophers. This concept includes judgment on rationality of choice and justification of beliefs as well as explanation and justification of moral behaviors.
Strong, weak and moderate rationalists take different positions, based on their approaches to the concept of reason. Having more inclination to the role of emotions, weak rationalists do not agree with the others in epistemic and motivational role of reason. Despite many similarities, strong and moderate rationalists think differently about the role of cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of moral motivation.
In this paper, we clarify the relationship between morality and reason in these three approaches. Justification of behaviors and moral motivation, as well as intemalism and extemalism are discussed in this paper. At last, the role virtue as a mean of justifying the moral rationality is emphasized.

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