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Journal:   IRAN JOURNAL OF NURSING (IJN)   AUGUST 2020 , Volume 33 , Number 125 ; Page(s) 1 To 12.

The General Health Of The Intensive Care Unit Nurses Of The Selected Teaching Hospitals Affiliated To Iran University Of Medical Sciences (2019)

Author(s):  Alipoor Fatemeh, Inanloo Mehrnoosh*
* Nursing Care Research Center, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Background & Aims: Job plays a key role in health. The issue of health in hospitals is of a greater essence since the health of nurses is at a higher risk due to constant contact with patients. Important factors threatening the health of nurses include the stressful nature of the profession, high workload, ambiguity in job roles, communication problems and interpersonal conflicts, emotional problems, facing unpredictable situations, work shifts variables. Prolonged contact with critically ill patients and providing intensive care to specific patients predisposes nurses to a variety of mental disorders. Nurses working in intensive care units are at higher risk than nurses working in outpatient clinics. Reducing the feeling of well-being and health, despite the effect on nurses health, can indirectly effect the health of the community by reducing the quality of services provided by them. Because the environment of intensive care units is full of stressful conditions, including the observation of deaths, diseases and also the pressures exerted by patients companions on nurses, therefore, identifying the variables that are related to improving the general health of nurses working in intensive care units is more important than other occupations. The present study aimed to assess the general health of the intensive care unit (ICU) nurses of the selected teaching hospitals affiliated to Iran University of Medical Sciences. Materials & Methods: This descriptive-correlational study was conducted on 193 ICU nurses of the selected hospitals affiliated to Iran University of Medical Sciences during January-May 2019. The participants were selected via stratified random sampling based on the inclusion criteria. Data were collected using a demographic questionnaire and the general health questionnaire (GHQ-28). The GHQ-28 consists of 28 items and four dimensions of physical examination, anxiety and insomnia, social functions, and depression. The items in the GHQ-28 are scored based on a Likert scale (Not at All, Normal, Abnormal, and Extremely Abnormal) within the score range of 0-3. The scores of the dimensions were summed up, and the total score was calculated within the range of 0-84. The general health score is 23 and six in all the dimensions, so that the scores of ≤ 23 in general health and scores of ≤ 6 in the other dimensions represent healthy individuals or the absence of disease syndromes. In addition, the scores of ≥ 24 in general health and the scores of ≥ 7 in the other dimensions are indicative of disease syndromes. Data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, frequency, and percentage) and inferential statistics, including the analysis of variance, independent t-test for the normal variables, Kruskal-Wallis test for the non-normal variables, and simultaneous multiple linear regression analysis. Results: The mean score of general health status was 28. 86 ± 6. 53, which indicated the average health status of the nurses with disease symptoms. Moreover the dimensions of physical symptoms (7. 60 ± 2. 29) and social functions (11. 57 ± 1. 81) showed health disorders, while the dimensions of anxiety and insomnia (6. 74 ± 3. 31) and depression (2. 95 ± 3. 00) were indicative of no health symptoms. Furthermore, significant correlations were observed between general health and the variables of age (P=0. 023), marital status (P<0. 001), economic status (P=0. 023), and work shift (P=0. 01). In addition, the results of the multiple linear regression analysis indicated that economic status (P=0. 004) and marital status (P=0. 010) became significant in the model, and their regression coefficients were estimated at 0. 38 and-0. 10, respectively, which showed the effects of these variables on the general health of individuals. In other words, the mean score of general health of the nurses with the income of less than 1. 5 million was higher by 0. 38 (lower general health) compared to those with the income of more than four million. Moreover, the general health score of the single nurses was lower by 0. 10 (better general health) compared to the married nurses. Conclusion: Given the vital role of nurses as a treatment staff, it is necessary to pay attention to the problems of this group and try to maintain their health. Nurses who are not in good general health are unable to perform proper care such as physical and mental support for patients and this increases the risk of mistakes and occupational accidents, the consequences of which ultimately affect the patient and the nurse. Finally, it seems that the attention of officials to factors related to nurses health can be an important step in maintaining their health and inceasing their efficiency and will increase the quality of work. According to the results, special attention must be paid to the health of ICU nurses. Our findings in this regard could lay the groundwork for further research to adopt appropriate strategies for the improvement of the work conditions and skills training in an attempt to promote the general health of employees.
Keyword(s): General Health,Intensive Care Units,Critical Care Nurse
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Alipoor, F., & INANLOO, M. (2020). The General Health of the Intensive Care Unit Nurses of the Selected Teaching Hospitals Affiliated to Iran University of Medical Sciences (2019). IRAN JOURNAL OF NURSING (IJN), 33(125 ), 1-12.

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Alipoor Fatemeh, INANLOO MEHRNOOSH. The General Health of the Intensive Care Unit Nurses of the Selected Teaching Hospitals Affiliated to Iran University of Medical Sciences (2019). IRAN JOURNAL OF NURSING (IJN). 2020 [cited 2022January22];33(125 ):1-12. Available from:

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Alipoor, F., INANLOO, M., 2020. The General Health of the Intensive Care Unit Nurses of the Selected Teaching Hospitals Affiliated to Iran University of Medical Sciences (2019). IRAN JOURNAL OF NURSING (IJN), [online] 33(125 ), pp.1-12. Available:

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