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Journal:   EGHTESAD-E ISLAMI   winter 2020 , Volume 19 , Number 76 ; Page(s) 59 To 88.

Measuring Of Economic Resistance In Iran (During 2011-2017)

Author(s):  Shaghaghi Shahri Vahid*
Measuring of Economic Resistance in Iran (During 2011-2017) Abstract The aim of this study is to measure the resistive economy and to estimate economic resilience indicators. The general policies of the resistance economy was proclaimed with the approach of jihadi, flexible, opportunistic, productive, endogenous, progressive and extrovert to provide dynamic growth and improve economic resistance indicators and achieve the goals of 20-Year Vision Plan in 2013. In this article an attempt has done for measuring and evaluation of economic resistance & economic resilience in Iran in during 2011 to 2016 by using composite economic indicator and assigning weights for each indicator by Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP method). The result of the composite economic indicator reveals that Iran's resistive economy situation move to be going forward, but in some goals as knowledge based economy, extroverting and improving in economic justice indicators, the results is not acceptable. Keywords: Resistive Economy, Economic Resilience, Economic vulnerability, Composite economic indicator, neighboring countries.
Keyword(s): Resistive Economy,economic resilience,Economic vulnerability,Composite economic indicator,Iran Economy
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SHAGHAGHI SHAHRI, V. (2020). Measuring of Economic Resistance in Iran (During 2011-2017). EGHTESAD-E ISLAMI, 19(76 ), 59-88.

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SHAGHAGHI SHAHRI, V., 2020. Measuring of Economic Resistance in Iran (During 2011-2017). EGHTESAD-E ISLAMI, [online] 19(76 ), pp.59-88. Available:

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