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Journal:   DEFENSE STRATEGY   Spring 2019 , Volume 17 , Number 65 ; Page(s) 49 To 82.

Development Model Of Roles Of I. R. Of Iran Navy

Author(s):  Khanzadi Hossein, Taleipour Mohammad Reza*
* Semnan Azad University
Prior to the deployment of Nedaja on the Makran coast, it had roles assigned to the coastal navy. But after deploying on the Makran coast, a new environment (in both domestic and foreign arena) was introduced to the I. R. of Iran navy forces. Therefore, opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses changed into a new environment, and the roles that NEDAJA played before did not meet the needs of the new environment. Thus, the researchers sought to develop a proper model for the development of the strategic roles of the I. R. of Iran Navy by conducting research. In this research, using a case study method, data collection was done using library and field methods, and initially outputs of resource study, interview and observation outputs led to determination of basic conceptual model of developing roles of Navy Forces. In the next step, the selected dimensions, components and indices for developing Navy roles were distributed among a sample of experts selected from the sample population. After normalizing the questionnaire, the standard questionnaire was distributed to a sample population of 80 individuals. Using qualitative and quantitative analysis tools and descriptive and inferential statistics and SPSS, KMO and Bartlett software, the collected data were analyzed. Four elements for developing roles of navy force on Macron coasts and its adjacent seas were selected under titles of military roles, police roles, diplomatic (political) roles and humanitarian roles. Also, for each component, indicators have been identified that the set of components and indices has provided the model for the development of Navy force roles.
Keyword(s): Model,development,roles of navy force,strategic navy force
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Khanzadi, H., & Taleipour, M. (2019). Development Model of Roles of I. R. of Iran Navy. DEFENSE STRATEGY, 17(65 ), 49-82.

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Khanzadi Hossein, Taleipour Mohammad Reza. Development Model of Roles of I. R. of Iran Navy. DEFENSE STRATEGY. 2019 [cited 2022August12];17(65 ):49-82. Available from:

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Khanzadi, H., Taleipour, M., 2019. Development Model of Roles of I. R. of Iran Navy. DEFENSE STRATEGY, [online] 17(65 ), pp.49-82. Available:

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