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Journal:   JOURNAL OF JUDICIAL LAW VIEWS   SPRING 2019 , Volume 24 , Number 85 ; Page(s) 201 To 216.

The Purposes Of Impleader Claim

Author(s):  Moloudi Mohammad*
* bu-ali sina university
Impleader claim is one of ancillary suits which permit to the parties to implead third person to the action and became that person one of parties. The Iran civil procedure code, unlike some other countries for example Lebanon no attention to purposes of Impleader claim and in Article 135 the subject is expressed in general terms. With attention to generally speaking of this Article and referring to some other rules such as Considering third person as a party of the claim, preventrenewed and repeated claims and as a result, to eliminate the issuance of conflicting orders, It can be said that in a wide range of casesThere is possibility of usingImpleader claim. Therefore, the original plaintiff may implead third one and seek his conviction to original or related trials demand, also the defendant with impleader claim, may cause third persons convictionIn favor ofhimself(defendant) or plaintiff. In addition, impleader claim can be a preliminary and auxiliarymeans to win the principal lawsuit witch sometimes mentioned as auxiliary impleader claim.
Keyword(s): Ancillary suits,Relationship of actions,Impleader claim,porpose
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