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Journal:   KAVOSHNAMEH   fall 2019 , Volume 20 , Number 42 ; Page(s) 9 To 30.

The Structure Of The Respectful Language On Tarikh-E-Beihaghi

Author(s):  Jamshidi Mohammadhasan, Nikoobakht Naser
The human societies have to follow the requirements and the elimination of the concepts of class and dignity and their associated class phenomenon respect. The main manifestation of this phenomenon is language. In language, it would be special and distinct structure appears. In this study, the structure of the respectful language on Tarikh-e-Beihaghi, in the range of Persian language studied. In this regard the determination of several non-structural measures such as addressing and the absence, in their own language and the language of the characters and the Beihaghi dual-respect, respectful language structure is classified into four subgroups. The first subset of attributes that are associated with individual words and concepts are respected added. The second subset based on lack of direct action organized in one respect. The third set includes the following positive attributes that are added to respect the person's name. And the fourth set of prayers that come at the beginning and middle of a conversation with someone you respect or talk about. Finally, with regard to the data obtained in the four subsidiaries, style Beihaghi date in respect of the structure of language is explained.
Keyword(s): Respectful language,Tarikh-e-Beihaghi,Beihaghi style,Social class
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Jamshidi, M., & NIKOOBAKHT, N. (2019). The structure of the respectful language on Tarikh-e-Beihaghi. KAVOSHNAMEH, 20(42 ), 9-30.

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Jamshidi Mohammadhasan, NIKOOBAKHT NASER. The structure of the respectful language on Tarikh-e-Beihaghi. KAVOSHNAMEH. 2019 [cited 2022May26];20(42 ):9-30. Available from:

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Jamshidi, M., NIKOOBAKHT, N., 2019. The structure of the respectful language on Tarikh-e-Beihaghi. KAVOSHNAMEH, [online] 20(42 ), pp.9-30. Available:

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