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Journal:   HEKMAT-E MO’ASER (CONTEMPORARY WISDOM)   SPRING-SUMMER 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 141 To 155.

The Philosophy Of Action In Transcendent Theosophy

Using an analytical and inferential method, it was attempted in this paper to provide a design of the philosophy of action in transcendent theosophy. Such a design can open up a framework and an outlook at the what, the why, and the how of the action in Mulla Sadra’ s thought. For Mulla Sadra, the material world is an opportunity to act in order human beings to actuate themselves, and also the body serves as the instrument for the soul to use limbs and organs so that good and bad deeds can be happened. Mulla Sadra does not regard the appearance of action, that is, the movements of the limbs, as the truth. But, in his opinion, the reality of action is esoteric and inner form which provides the possibility of the unity with the soul and the actualization of the personal dispositions. The formation of the dispositions, the heartily intuition of the right, the creation of nature, and the happiness or anger are the reasons, in Mulla Sadra’ s view, for to engage in action. The conceptual identity of the soul, the soul as being material (capacity and faculty) for the forms of the actions, the statement that the soul in its uniqueness is the whole of al-Qawa, and the substantial motion of the soul are philosophical foundations for explaining the effect of the action on the soul. In general, for Mulla Sadra, just as there is no possibility for foreign objects to be present in the soul, and it is necessary some forms of them to be as intellectual existence in the realm of the soul, the good and bad deeds are found out in the realm of the soul through the esoteric and inner form of those actions; they are united with the soul, they remain in the soul, and they affect the soul.
Keyword(s): philosophy of action,the what of the action,the why of the action,the how of the action,transcendental philosophy
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