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Journal:   JOURNAL OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT STUDIES   summer 2012 , Volume 3 , Number 10 ; Page(s) 61 To 79.

Measuring Firm’ s Competitiveness

Author(s):  RANJBARIAN B.*, Mirahmadi m.r., Zabihzadeh k.
* Isfahan University, Department of Management, Isfahan, Iran
In this research, a model has been developed to measure the firm’ s competitive power. The developed model is based on Porter's competitive model and using analytic network process and fuzzy logic techniques. The five forces of Porter’ s industry structure model which are threat of potential entrants, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, the intensity of competition among rivals and the threat of substitute products have been considered as the main competitive forces. Using experts and senior managers’ view in a carbonated beverage Company, the importance of studied forces and their determinant variables were found for Iranian carbonated beverage industry. The price of substitute products was determined as the most important factor, in Iranian beverage industry, which influence on firm’ s competitiveness. Finally, considering the competitive situation of the studied company, its competitiveness score was determined.
Keyword(s): Competitiveness,Porter's competitive model,Fuzzy logic,Analytic network process
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