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Journal:   MAJLESI JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING   june 2019 , Volume 13 , Number 2; Page(s) 7 To 13.

Wind Energy Storage System by SOC Balancing Control for a Stand-Alone Windmill

Author(s):  Vijay Babu a.r.*, SURESH K., SRINIVASA RAO G.
* Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, VFSTR University, Guntur, India
In the wind energy storage procedures, fluctuating nature of wind is problematic for stand-alone operation. Different efforts have been done to stabilize the wind source; boost converter with controller, bidirectional converter with controller, and energy storage devices need to be used for stabilizing the wind source. During the boost operation, the voltage parameter is boosted only in the output while power is constant, therefore, maintaining the constant power is required. One of the important aspects for maintaining the constant power is considering the speed of wind. This concept is applicable for both boost DC-DC Converter and Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (BDC). Estimation of battery State of Charge (SOC) is an important task for maintaining the effective operation as well as protecting the battery from deteriorating. Charging and discharging the battery is a cyclic process; which requires to be effective. Several methods have been used for estimating SOC of the battery; the coulomb counting method is an effective method for the battery charging and discharging operations. This paper proposes consideration of battery SOC and wind speed for an effective wind harnessing operation. The proposed system is designed in MATLAB/Simulink, and validates the system in hardware prototype model in order to SOC balancing control.
Keyword(s): Wind Energy,SOC,Energy Storage,Stand-Alone System
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