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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL RESEARCHES OF IRAN AND ISLAM   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 22 ; Page(s) 89 To 108.

The Impact of Sassanid kings' advices on Onsorolmaali's Educational View in Qabus-nameh

Author(s):  safarzayee abdollah, IMANPOUR MOHAMMAD TAGHI, nazemiyan fard ali
Sassanid kings' advices were so valuable and rich that they were used practically in various political, social, religious, cultural and educational dimensions in the Sassanid period. Moreover, the advices were also considered in various dimensions by different groups of people such as: rulers, ministers and advice authors in Iran in Islamic period. Onsor ol mali is one of the advice authors in Iran in Islamic period who was also considered from ruler's group. Onsor ol mali's educational votes in Qabous-Nameh represent that he has been influenced by various sources in compiling them. The main question ofpresent writing is whether the Sassanid kings' pieces of advice can be considered as one of the main sources of Onsorolmali in compiling Onsorolmali? In researches accomplished on Qabous-Nameh and Onsorol mali educational votes origin, it hasn't been considered the effect of Sassanid kings' advices on Onsorol mali educational votes. The writing aims to analyze the effect of Sassanid kings' advices on Onsorolmali educational votes inQabous-Nameh which has been accomplished using librarian sources in historical method by describing, analyzing and comparing data.
Keyword(s): Sassanid kings,the effect of advices,Onsorolmaali,Qabus-Nameh
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