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Journal:   CURRICULUM PLANNING KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 32 (59) ; Page(s) 151 To 165.

Content Analysis of Primary School Social Studies Curriculum in Terms of Attention to Child Rights Education

Author(s):  PARYAD RAHMAN*, Salahshoori Ahmad, Yosofzadeh chosari Mohammadreza
* Department of Education, Bu Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran
This study aimed to investigate the interdisciplinary attention to children's rights education in the curriculum of elementary school social studies have been conducted in Iran. In this study, a qualitative method to identify the components and characteristics of child rights education also content analysis to analyze the elementary school social studies curriculum has been used. The population in the content analysis was the country’ s social studies curriculum in primary schools among which the country’ s social studies curriculum third, fourth, fifth and sixth in the year of 2015-2016 has been selected intentionally. In order to collect information, check lists was analysis objectives analysis check list, textbook content check list, and teacher's textbooks content check list. For the analysis of the data, Shannon’ s entropy method was used to obtain the credibility ratings of each component and to compare their coefficients. After the study of literature and legal framework, the proposal was developed and its validity was confirmed by a number of experts in education, law and other relevant experts. The findings showed that in the social studies curriculum of primary education in the objectives most credibility rating is related to educational rights (0. 274) and less to health rights (0) and justice component (0), among The textbooks most credibility rating was related to health rights (0. 205), and less to procedural law component (0. 15), and amongThe teacher's textbooks most credibility rating was related to specific support (0. 243) and less to procedural law component (0).
Keyword(s): Rights education,Curriculum,The rights of the child,Primary education,Social studies
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