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Journal:   JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE)   spring 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 97 To 120.

Effective Factors on Social Shopping Intention in Social Commerce

* Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran
Social commerce, a recent branch of e-commerce, has emerged as a result of the popularity of social networks. The rise of social commerce lead to design new strategies and business models, that is very important for producers and providers. In such status the study and analysis of consumer behavior is critical. Hence, the aims of this study is to investigate the impact of social networks on consumer shopping behavior. A total of 514 individuals on three popular social networks in Iran (i. e. Facebook, Cloob, and Telegram) were surveyed. Analysis of the results using the PLS-SEM approach revealed that perceived interactive and social commerce constructs have a positive impact on social support, trust and commitment to virtual community. Website or application quality has a positive impact on trust. Also social support affect social shopping intention and trust to virtual community. Trust to virtual community has positive effect on social shopping intention and commitment to virtual community. Finally, commitment to virtual community has a positive effect on intention to social shopping.
Keyword(s): Electronic trust,Social commerce,Social Networks,Social shopping intention,Social support
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