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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS   NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016 , Volume 32 , Number 5 (79) ; Page(s) 770 To 783.

Effects of nano-ferric oxide and zinc sulfate on chlorophyll, anthocyanin, flavonoid and leaf mineral elements of peppermint (Mentha piperita L. ) at Karaj climatic conditions

* Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran
This research was aimed to evaluate the impact of nano-ferric oxide and zinc sulfate on leaf pigments and elements of peppermint (Mentha piperita L. ) in field conditions. The study was conducted in a factorial experiment based on RCBD with three replicates at the research farm of University of Tehran (Karaj-Iran) in 2013. Nano-ferric oxide at four levels (including 0, 0. 25, 0. 5, & 0. 75 g. L-1) and zinc sulfate at three levels (+0, 25 & 50 kg. ha-1) were used. The pigment traits such as anthocyanin, flavonoid (at 270 nm wavelength), total leaf chlorophyll, and elements (Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn & P) were examined. The results showed that nano-ferric oxide and zinc sulfate had significant effect on leaf flavonoid and total leaf chlorophyll; however, the study fertilizers had no significant effect on leaf anthocyanin. Similarly, the interaction effects of nano-ferric oxide and zinc sulfate were significant on all peppermint traits (P<0. 05), except leaf anthocyanin content. The highest and lowest rate of leaf iron content were obtained at 0. 25 and 0. 75 g. L-1 nano-ferric oxide, respectively, showing that application of nano-ferric oxide increased the leaf iron and chlorophyll content. Totally, the results indicated that leaf pigment variations of peppermint could be optimized through foliar application of zinc sulfate (25 kg. ha-1) and nano-ferric oxide (0. 75 g. L-1) fertilizers.
Keyword(s): Leaf iron content,peppermint (Mentha piperita L.),foliar application,leaf pigments
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