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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS   November-December 2017 , Volume 33 , Number 5 (85) ; Page(s) 717 To 729.

Phytochemical investigation on the extract of loganberry, propagated via plant tissue culture

Author(s):  Merikh sh., TAHERKHANI M.*, HOSSEINIDOUST S.R.
* Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Takestan Azad University, Takestan, Iran
The loganberry (Rubus × loganobaccus), belonging to the Rosaceae family and Rubus genus, gives fruits like strawberry. The fruit is red and very sour and this rare species is one of the cultivars of red raspberry. Loganberry is not native to Iran and currently is propagated through in vitro plant tissue culture. So far, phytochemical research has not been conducted on loganberry. In present study, the leaf extract of loganberry, propagated through in vitro culture, was investigated phytochemically. The extract of loganberry was purified and the obtained natural product was elucidated by NMR spectroscopy techniques. In this study, a flavonoid, namely hesperetin, was isolated from the leaves of the loganberry. This structure was elucidated by spectral methods (1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, IR and dept 135).
Keyword(s): Loganberry,plant tissue culture,extraction,hesperidin
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