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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ZABANPAZHUHI   spring 2016 , Volume 8 , Number 18 ; Page(s) 29 To 54.

The Case Of Pro

Author(s):  Pirouz Mohammadreza*
* Department of English Language and Literature, University of Qom, Iran
Analyzing the Case of PRO has always been a challenge to the theory of language since the onset of generative tradition. Based on the PRO Theorem, the GB grammarians considered this empty category to lack Case totally. However, this conception, together with the use of the theory of government made PRO different from all other nominal elements. In order to avoid this, the Null Case Hypothesis at the beginning of the Minimalist Program, considered PRO to have Case to be checked against the T head of the embedded clause in control constructions. Nonetheless, the lack of content to this conception of Case made it the subject of criticism both from theoretical and empirical viewpoints. Finally, it was argued that, if PRO can receive Case, then it has a standard Case similar to other overt nominal elements. This study, therefore, analyses the previous conceptions about PRO in Persian and shows that this empty category has a standard structural Case, checked against the T head within the finite subjunctive clauses.
Keyword(s): minimalist syntax,control theory,PRO,Case,finiteness,subjunctive
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