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Journal:   SPORT PSYCHOLOGY STUDIES   winter 2018 , Volume 6 , Number 22 #f00588; Page(s) 1 To 14.

The Effect of Different Levels of Mental Fatigue on the Emergence of Especial Skill in Basketball Free Throw in Male Students6

Author(s):  Rahimizadeh Masoumeh, Shahbazi Mehdi*, Tahmasebi Boroujeni Shahzad
* University of Tehran
This study aimed to investigate the effect of different levels of mental fatigue on the emergence of especial skill in basketball. The study was a kind of descriptive correlational studies and was an applied research in terms of objective that was performed recruiting university basketball in three levels of mental fatigue (low, medium and high). The subjects (8 person per group) had 210 throws from seven angles (the angles of 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120 and 135 degrees) that conducted 30 throws from any angle in three levels of mental fatigue. The regression results showed the existence of especial skill in the performance of all three groups. Low mental fatigue Group also had better performance than the rest of groups. In conclusion, with the emergence of especial skills with mental fatigue, remain in force specialized parameterization, yet the especial skill emerged.
Keyword(s): Motor Control,Especial Skill,Mental Fatigue,Basketball Free Throw,Male Students
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