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Journal:   RAHYAFT   fall 2018 , Volume 28 , Number 71; Page(s) 69 To 82.

Analysis Of Business Environment Indicators In Iran

Author(s):  Armaghan Negar*, Fallah Haghighi Negin
* Department of Technology Development Studies (DTDS), Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)
An appropriate business environment is one of the important factors in the economic growth and development and in internal and international investment. The aim of this paper is to investigate and analysis the situation of Iran indexes from the viewpoint of business from 2013 to 2017. In this research, the analytic and longitudinal descriptive method was utilized. By utilizing the documentary and library studies and the published official statistics the indexes of business environment, the factors, evaluation components and the important barriers of each doing business indexes during five years in Iran, were analyzed. The findings showed that the indexes of"Dealing with construction permits", "Registering property" and "Getting electricity" have improved more than others index in recent years. The ranking of "Trading cross-borders", "Resolving Insolvency" and “ Protecting the minority investors” were the most declining over the years. At the end of the paper, in conclusion and suggestion sections, we analyzed both the improved indicators and improving indicators for mentioned indexes. There are not significance change for the other indexes.
Keyword(s): Business Environment,Business Indicators,Business Indexes
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ARMAGHAN, N., & FALLAH HAGHIGHI, N. (2018). Analysis of Business Environment Indicators in Iran. RAHYAFT, 28(71), 69-82.

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ARMAGHAN, N., FALLAH HAGHIGHI, N., 2018. Analysis of Business Environment Indicators in Iran. RAHYAFT, [online] 28(71), pp.69-82. Available:

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