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Journal:   MODERN RESEARCH PHYSICS   fall 2017-winter 2018 , Volume 2 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 1 To 10.

Study of roughness parameters effect on I-V characteristic of resonant tunneling diodes

Author(s):  Ebrahiminejad Zhaleh, Sabet Dariani reza, MASOUDI FARHAD
In present paper, effect of electron scattering due to presence of rough interfaces is investigated on electrical conductance in tunneling structures. The tunneling structure is a fifth layer (double barriers) that all of them are semiconductor. Calculations are carried out in the frame work of nearly free electron approximation and transfer matrix method. Our results show that increasing of roughness results in increasing of incident electrons scattering and also cause to decreasing of transmission probability of electrons, and hence, decreasing of electrical transport through tunneling structures. Besides, with increasing of rough exponent, roughness of surface becomes smoother and into greater rough exponent, interfacial seems more plain. The influence of variation of more than one characteristic of roughness on tunneling current leads to interesting results that can regard in electronic devices fabrication.
Keyword(s): Roughness,I-V characteristic,Resonant tunneling diode,Electron scattering
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