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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF AGRICUTURAL ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH   2018 , Volume 48 , Number 4 #M00484; Page(s) 597 To 609.

Application of Grounded Theory in Sustainable Environmental Behaviors of Farmers: an Exploratory Analyses

Author(s):  Namdar razieh, PEZESHKI RAD GHOLAMREZA, sedighi hassan
Sustainable development is an approach for live and work in 21 century. Among sustainability indices, environmental protection has considered as the most important index. Emerging environmental problems and their increasing trends are the most important concern for international organizations and scientist. "Human" is an influencing factor and the victim of this crisis. This study was conducted to access to most important factors influencing environmental behaviors of farmers, by utilizing qualitative approach, and grounded theory method. This study conducted by performing 27 interviews with farmers of two villages from Sepidan township of Fars province. Also, data were collected through observation, operational noting sound records of interviews, and literature review. “ line to line analyses” was used for open coding. By frequent referral to data, 158 concepts were recognized and assorted. From these concepts, 3 categories namely: "environmental attitude", "economic situation" and "environmental policies" were identified as primary categories and 6 categories were assigned as subsidiary categories, which included: access to recourse, background issues, education, technology, cooperation and partnership, fellow influence and indigenous experience. Finally, recognizing core coding, the paradigm was presented.
Keyword(s): Sustainable Development,Environmental Behaviors,Grounded Theory
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