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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT   spring 2017 , Volume 10 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 21 To 39.

Identification and Prioritization of the Cooperative Sector’ s Policies of Entrepreneurship Development

* Management Group, Sistan and Balouchestan Unversity, Zahedan, Iran
Cooperative system is a good tool to build businesses. The study is aimed at identifying and prioritizing policies of cooperative sector entrepreneurship development. The study statistical population included the managers of ministry of Cooperatives as well as the members of the Economics and Management faculty of Sistan and Baluchestan University. The research method is descriptive-survey and it is practical in terms of purpose. The research was conducted in two phasesusing two questionnaires. First, a 5-point Likert questionnaire was prepared and its validity and reliability were confirmed. 30 questionnaires were distributed and the data collected were analyzed using Smart PLS software. Then, the indices having greater factor loadings were selected and the questionnaire of prioritizing with selected criteria was prepared. The questionnaire had 3 criteria, 8 sub-criteria, and 42 choices. The questionnaire validity was also confirmed. Inconsistency of the whole indices was less than 0. 1. After that, the questionnaire was distributed among the sample and the data obtained were analyzed using AHP method and Super Decisions software. The study findings showed that polices of infrastructure with weight of 0. 705, guidance and operation with weight of 0. 205, and consolidation and institutionalization with weight of 0. 089 have the ranks of first, second, and third, respectively. The most important criteria of consolidation and institutionalization were polices of training and skills with weights of 0. 730 and 0. 695 while in the operational scope, the major criterion is the policies of motivation scope with weight of 0. 800. Therefore, it is recommended to policymakers to highly concentrate on consolidation.
Keyword(s): Entrepreneurship,entrepreneurship policy,cooperatives,AHP
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