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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF FOREST AND POPLAR RESEARCH   summer 2018 , Volume 26 , Number 2 (72) #f00507; Page(s) 264 To 275.

Adaptability and performance of industrial Eucalyptus species in Dashtestan, Bushehr province

Author(s):  Sadeghi s.m.*, Sardabi h., Kazerooni H., Sharifi m.a., Farrar n., Rashvand s.
* Forests and Rangelands Research Department, Bushehr Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center, Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization, AREEO, Bushehr, Iran
This research was carried out to study the adaptability and performance of four Eucalyptus spp. species in Bushehr province. For this purpose, one-year-old seedlings of four species, including Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh, E. rubida H. Deane & Maiden, E. grandis W. Hill and E. saligna Sm. were planted under randomized complete blocks design, using 49 seedlings per plot at 5 × 5 m spacing at Shabankareh Research Station, Dashtestan, Bushehr province, in late February. All trees were irrigated, protected and enumerated each three months in the first year after plantation. Survived trees were counted and measured at the end of each year from second year on. Diameter at breast height (DBH), collar diameter, total height and crown diameter were measured to evaluate tree performance. Results showed that E. camaldulensis had the highest survival, height, DBH, crown area, standing stock volume and volume increment rates, followed by E. saligna. Application of Duncan test showed significant differences among species in terms of their survival and growth performance (α = 5%). Furthermore, E. rubida and E. grandis completely died at the end of first year of cultivation due to drought and high temperature stress in June and July. Based on these results, E. camaldulensis was suggested for plantation in similar sites in the south of Iran and further research was recommended.
Keyword(s): Crown area,diameter at breast height,E.camaldulensis,E.rubida,height,survival
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