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Journal:   JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS (FINANCIAL ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT)   fall 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 44 ; Page(s) 189 To 207.

The Challenges of Commercialization of Knowledge-Based Products with Emplasis on Marketing and Finance (With Special Referance to Technology Park of Tehran University)

Author(s):  AZAD NASSER*, Mohammadipour Mojtaba, NAGHDI BAHMAN
* Trade Management Department, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
Knowledge-based companies are knowledge-intensive businesses that are geared towards sustainable conversion of knowledge to wealth and their economic activities are based on R & D activities in the field of new and advanced technologies, thereby leading to the development of knowledge-based economy in a society. This research studies the general challenges of commercializing knowledge-based companies’ products with Emplasis on Marketing and Finance in Iran. in order to identify the challenges that exist in the commercialization of knowledge-based companies’ products individual interviews was conducted with six managers of knowledge-based companies at Technology park of Tehran University. The results of the interviews showed that the laws and regulations, political, economic, cultural, technological, financial, marketing, market size, human resources, organizational structure, knowledge and skills factors are serious challenges which the knowledge-based enterprises in commercializing of their products encounter of Course Tow Factors of Marketing and Finance have been emplasized. To increase the credibility and to confirm the results of the interviews, survey of 80 experts found that all of them confirm that all of the above-mentioned challenges can affect the success of knowledge-based companies in commercializing the products.
Keyword(s): Knowledge-based,commercialization,commercialization challenges
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