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Journal:   PUBLIC LAW STUDIES QUARTERLY   summer 2019 , Volume 49 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 449 To 470.

Domestic Law and the Commitment to Obey the Rules and Norms of International Law

* Faculty of Law and Political Science, Tehran University
Good and efficient setting of communication between actors in the international community, requires careful examination of these relationships. The relationship between domestic order and international order and domestic legal obligations to obey to the norms and rules of international law of that discussed in law, international relations and politics, have not much legal literature in our country. Study of commitment of domestic law to obey the rules and norms of international law with descriptive-analytical approach is the subject of this article with using related references. Our finds shows: experts tried on documenting the internal legal obligation to obey the norms of international law with introducing various foundations. Domestic legal systems approach (constitutions, precedent and practice) are mainly based on the principle of the sovereignty of nations and the lack of obligation to obey the norms of the international law. While international law (international documents and international judicial procedures) issued order to obey of the norms of international law in many cases. The difference in approach of domestic law and international law leads to supremacy of international law over domestic law and the obligation to obey with the norms of international law with reasons like globalization and internationalization of (public) law, protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens and requirements of international life.
Keyword(s): Domestic Legal System,International Law,Obedience,Rights and Freedoms,globalization
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