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Journal:   DESERT MANAGEMENT   spring-summer 2015 , Volume 3 , Number 5 ; Page(s) 53 To 64.

Resistance Comparison of Some Mulches Against Heat, Leaching and Pressure

Author(s):  Koupayi Nia M.A., AFZALI S.F.*
* Faculty of Agriculture, Shiraz University, Iran
Mulch is one of the most common materials for soil stabilization which prevents wind erosion and dust emissions. In this respect, the sustainability of mulches against corrosive environmental factors is important for selection. In this study, the resistance of some abiotic mulches was examined in simulated desert conditions against pressure by pocket penetrometer at different temperatures. Also, to evaluate the amount of surface leaching, the mulches were tested against spraying water as well. Treatments include 13 types of mulches, nano-polymer mulch, sand, stone powder, sludge and clay soils. Two types of eroded soils including moderate and severe soil erosion and three levels of temperature including ambient temperature, 50 º C, 60 º C all of them with three replications were studied. The results showed that sprayed polymers on severe soil erosion and under both 50 º C and 60 º C temperatures had the maximum compressive strength. Also the results of spraying water on the treatments showed that polymeric mulch was more resistant against leaching than others.
Keyword(s): Waste materials,Environmental factors,Wind erosion,Soil stabilization,Desertification
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