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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SABZEVAR UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES   DECEMBER 2018- JANUARY 2019 , Volume 25 , Number 5 ; Page(s) 649 To 658.

Comparative Study on Toxicity of Ni Nanoparticle and Nickel Chloride on Liver Enzymes and Tissue in Rats

* Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Basic Sciences, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran
Background and Objectives: The toxicity of metals and their compounds is determined by their physicochemical properties. Thus, they may compete for the biological binding sites resulting in aberrant function of biochemical macromolecules. The aim of this study to investigate Ni NPs toxicity in compared to Nickel chloride on liver enzyme activity and the histopathological changes of liver tissue in male Wistar rats. Materials & Methods: In this experimental study, 48 male rates were divided into six experimental groups and one control group and one sham group (n=6). Experimental groups received Ni NPs and nickel chloride with concentration of 5, 15 and 25 mg/ kg by intraperitoneal injection. At the end of 7th day, blood and liver specimen were collected for analysis. Assay of the activity of liver enzyme and histopathological study was performed. Data were analyzed using ANOVA and Tukey. Results Enzyme activity of AST and ALP in different doses of Ni NPs and nickel chloride and LDH activity in different doses of nickel chloride showed significant changes in the studied groups (p> 0. 05). Histopathological study of liver were revealed dose dependent changes in the liver of rate with nickel chloride and nanoparticles compared to the control group. Some of the changes including necrosis, congestion, apoptosis and steatohepatitis were observed after exposure to different doses of treatment. Conclusion: Increasing of enzyme activity and histopathological changes in the liver confirmed due to Ni NPs and nickel chloride toxicity.
Keyword(s): histopathological,liver enzymes,nickel chloride,nickel nanoparticles,rat
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