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Journal:   SOCIAL WELFARE   2003 , Volume 3 , Number 10 (Special Issue: Social Policy); Page(s) 201 To 232.


Author(s):  BABAEI N.*

Public health is derived from socio-economic factors. Despite this fact that these factors are not in the realm of medicine science, but it should be declared that the majority of health development in recent century is merely because of socioeconomic developments rather "Medical intervention" alone. In this regard, we should pay more attention to the relation between the amount of income and health indicators.
There is no wonder that the healthier population, the less imposed expenses and the more reasonable distribution system, which they eventually will lead to social health. But the social gap existing among different social levels may cause great number of crimes, violence's and other social disorders.
In order to achieve a successful and fruitful social policy, we must take advantage of all available means and logic solutions in almost every aspect of life such as agricultural, educational, residential and so on to improve the health conditions. In other words, we should follow an international motto saying that, "Health for All," and draw the best benefit of available financial and political supports.
The decision makers and program designers should choose a policy followed by much more investment in health cares, and concentrate mainly on people cooperation and provide officials fields of activities for them to get a better health condition and set up a democratic political space.
Health is considered to be the first and the most important aspect of human being as a creature involved with the rest of environment and being under such a healthy condition they will be able to take advantage of other benefits in the world. That is why social policy should focus on the health problem as a must and fact.

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