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Journal:   SOCIAL WELFARE   Spring 2003 , Volume 2 , Number 7; Page(s) 93 To 110.


Author(s):  KAMALI M.*

On the basis of estimates, about 10 percent of people all around the world are facing a sort of physical or mental disability, among which there are 150 million children under the age of 15.
Besides civil, social, economic, cultural and many other difficulties for disabled children and their families, a huge investment is also needed to obtain their many kinds of necessities that affect their lives, such as health care, rehabilitation, education, and employment.
In the recent years, the issue of" Right of Disabled children" has turned into a noticeable challenge worldwide. According to the facts, however, only one article of "The convention on the Rights of the children" has allocated for disability subject.
The attempts in drafting actions for obtaining' 'rights for children" have started since 1926.
The most accomplished effort fruited in adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights for children (1924), as well as "the convention on the rights of the child" (1989) for all children everywhere.
Although disabled children issues are not explicitly stated in any of principles, Declaration of mental retardation (1971) and, Declaration of disabled person (1975) , as well as article 23 of convention on children rights , are included as the most effective subjects relating to the protection of disabled children.
It is also feasible to engage in disability issue under the light of convention of the rights of disabled.

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