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Journal:   JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF LETTERS AND HUMANITIES (TEHRAN)   Spring 2003 , Volume 2 , Number 5; Page(s) 205 To 210.


Author(s):  BADAKHSHAN M.*
Molla Alikhan was born in Dezful between the year 1160 to 1180 Hijri in the family of science and virtue.
He was a recitator and mystic who led a simple and virtuous life and is remembered by all up to now.
He never talked of himself and never liked others to talk about his good ness and scientific personality.
He had written several book but unfortunality the situation of many of his works in not known. Only two of his books have been identified. One of them is a Qoran written by him. The second is a book about the different recitations and quality of spelling of some Qoranic words.
Keyword(s): MOSHAF, QERAAT.
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