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Journal:   JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF LETTERS AND HUMANITIES (TEHRAN)   Spring 2001 , Volume 45 , Number 157; Page(s) 11 To 31.


Author(s):  TABATABI F.*
The word "Lover"in the first place is a name of God and then it is attributed to the creatures.In the chapter 178 of Fotohat Maldyeh, Ibn Arabi while discussingthe station of the lover,has paid attention to the delicate and noteworthy point that if he is to enlist the features of the divine lovers, it is better to find out the manifestations of these characteristicsin the sublime source in the light of the Quranic verses. Then he would attribute them to other lovers through a relational approach which is a new and unprecedented approach. The author of this article tries to select, elucidate and elaborate on it and enumerate some of thefeatures that Mohyeddin hasfirst attributedto the "Lover of God" and then to other lovers.Evidently,the present articleis apart of a lenghty chapter on the aesthetic manifestations of God for the gnostic lovers.It is hoped that the present article would open a new vistasfor the readers.
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