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Iranian journals indexed in the international website of Scopus

The following 111 Iranian journals of the Master Journal List of Scopus.

1.      Acta Medica Iranica

2.      Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin

3.      Archives Of Iranian Medicine

4.      Arya Atherosclerosis

5.      Asian Journal Of Civil Engineering

6.      Avicenna Journal Of Medical Biotechnology

7.      Banach Journal Of Mathematical Analysis

8.      Basic & Clinical Neuroscience

9.      Bulletin Of The Iranian Mathematical Society

10.  Caspian Journal Of Internal Medicine

11.  Cell Journal (Yakhteh)

12.  Daru Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences

13.  Dental Hypotheses

14.  Gastroenterology & Hepatology From Bed To Bench

15.  Hayat

16.  Hepatitis Monthly

17.  Information Sciences And Technology

18.  International  Journal Of Fertility & Sterility

19.  International Journal Of Endocrinology And Metabolism

20.  International Journal Of Engineering, Transactions A: Basics

21.  International Journal Of Engineering, Transactions B: Applications

22.  International Journal Of Environmental Science And Technology

23.  International Journal Of Hematology-Oncology And Stem Cell Research

24.  International Journal Of Organ Transplantation Medicine

25.  International Journal Of Plant Production

26.  International Journal Of Preventive Medicine

27.  Iran Occupational Health Journal

28.  Iranian Biomedical Journal

29.  Iranian Cardiovascular Research Journal

30.  Iranian Endodontic Journal

31.  Iranian Journal Of  Medical Physics

32.  Iranian Journal Of Allergy, Asthma And Immunology

33.  Iranian Journal Of Arthropod-Borne Diseases

34.  Iranian Journal Of Basic Medical Sciences

35.  Iranian Journal Of Biotechnology

36.  Iranian Journal Of Cancer Prevention

37.  Iranian Journal Of Chemistry And Chemical Engineering

38.  Iranian Journal Of Child Neurology

39.  Iranian Journal Of Clinical Infectious Diseases

40.  Iranian Journal Of Dermatology

41.  Iranian Journal Of Electrical And Computer Engineering

42.  Iranian Journal Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering

43.  Iranian Journal Of Endocrinology And Etabolism (Ijem)

44.  Iranian Journal Of Environmental Health Sciences & Engineering

45.  Iranian Journal Of Epidemiology

46.  Iranian Journal Of Fuzzy Systems

47.  Iranian Journal Of Immunology

48.  Iranian Journal Of Kidney Diseases

49.  Iranian Journal Of Materials Science And Engineering

50.  Iranian Journal Of Medical Hypotheses And Ideas

51.  Iranian Journal Of Medical Sciences

52.  Iranian Journal Of Microbiology

53.  Iranian Journal Of Nuclear Medicine

54.  Iranian Journal Of Ophthalmology

55.  Iranian Journal Of Otorhinnolaryngology

56.  Iranian Journal Of Parasitology

57.  Iranian Journal Of Pathology

58.  Iranian Journal Of Pediatrics

59.  Iranian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research

60.  Iranian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences

61.  Iranian Journal Of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

62.  Iranian Journal Of Psychiatry

63.  Iranian Journal Of Psychiatry And Behavioral Sciences

64.  Iranian Journal Of Public Health

65.  Iranian Journal Of Radiation Research

66.  Iranian Journal Of Radiology

67.  Iranian Journal Of Reproductive Medicine

68.  Iranian Journal Of Science And Technology, Transaction A: Science

69.  Iranian Journal Of Science And Technology, Transaction B: Engineering

70.  Iranian Journal Of Veterinary Research

71.  Iranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)

72.  Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal

73.  Iranina Journal Of Obstetrics, Gynecology And Infertility

74.  Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology

75.  Journal Of Applied Fluid Mechanics

76.  Journal Of Babol University Of Medical Sciences (Jbums)

77.  Journal Of Dental Research, Dental Clinics, Dental Prospects

78.  Journal Of Diabetes And Metabolic Disorders

79.  Journal Of Environmental Studies

80.  Journal Of Isfahan Medical School (I.U.M.S)

81.  Journal Of Kerman University Of Medical Sciences

82.  Journal Of Lasers In Medical Sciences

83.  Journal Of Mazandaran University Of Medical Sciences

84.  Journal Of Medicinal Plants

85.  Journal Of Military Medicine

86.  Journal Of Ophthalmic & Vision Research

87.  Journal Of Reproduction & Infertility

88.  Journal Of Research In Health Sciences

89.  Journal Of Research In Medical Sciences

90.  Journal Of Sciences, Islamic Republic Of Iran

91.  Journal Of The Iranian Chemical Society

92.  Journal Of Zanjan University Of Medical Sciences And Health Services

93.  Jundishapur Journal Of Microbiology

94.  Jundishapur Journal Of Natural Pharmaceutical Products

95.  Koomesh

96.  Medical Journal Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran

97.  Nephro-Urology Monthly

98.  Pazhuhesh-E Zabanha-Ye Khareji

99.  Pharmaceutical Sciences

100. Physiology And Pharmacology

101. Research In Pharmaceutical Sciences

102. Scientia Iranica

103.Scientific Journal Of Kurdistan University Of Medical Sciences

104.  Shiraz E Medical Journal

105.  Tanaffos

106. Tehran University Medical Journal (Tumj)

107. The International Journal Of Occupational And Environmental Medicine

108. The Journal Of Tehran University Heart Center

109. Trauma Monthly(Kowsar)

110.  Urology Journal