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Scientific information database of Jahad Daneshgahi as comprehensive and update database of Iranian scientific resources composed of diverse banks that offer various services to scientific community. This data base aimed promotion and dissemination scientific information for ease access of researchers and other users to scientific information in line with research culture development, provide full text of articles without any restrictions and operate as unique free access bank. SID offers its services in tree databases:

  • Scientific journals bank

  • 1- Access to scientific-research articles of journals in two section; Persian and English.
    2- Access to journals’ scientific articles of Islamic Azad university and Payam Noor
    3- Observation of Journals citation reports of scientific-research journals
    4- Registering in workshops
    5- Providing international papers through Provision system.
    6- Introducing up to date journals.
    7- news

    In scientific information database of Jahad Daneshgahi journals are segregated to some category:

    1-Scientific-research journals

    this group, as a rich scientific source, plays an important role in the science stream. These journals receive grad from two authority; ministry of science, research and technology’s and Ministry of Health and Medical Education’s journals commissions.

    2-Other journals:

    this group composed of scientific journals that publish by various organizations and institutions and some of them such as Islamic Azad University, get grad from their pertinent commissions. This group consist journals of Islamic Azad University, Payam Noor, Jahad Daneshgahi and scientific-specialized journals.

    Access to all articles in this database through search in main page or going to main page of journal is possible.

  • Search methods

  • 1- Simple search

  • In this section, user input keywords in main box at top of page, so select search type include article, author name, journal name and so by clicking on search button, search results will be shown.

  • Search by articles’ titles

  • If search is for articles, articles will be shown in results page that the requested key exist in their title or keywords.

    For example, by entering “Healthy nutrition” following results will be shown:

    These resaluts include titles of articles and number of articles that the keywords exist in them that is offered to user based on breakdown by specialized group and publication year that by clicking on each of them search can be confined.

    If the full text be available in database, by clicking on the special option the file will been directly.

  • Search by jornal name

  • If search is based on journal title, all journals that the keyword exists in their titles, with their details will be shown. Moreover, volume information and specialized groups pertinent to journals will be shown and by clicking on them, better and confined resalt can be accessed. In search results all journals including scientific-research journals of ministry of science, research and technology and Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Islamic Azad university’s journals, Payam Noor’s journals, scientific- promotive journals and scientific-specialized journals is available.

    Search by author name

    If search is by author’s name, articles by that name will be shown that by clicking on author’s name access to all articles of them will be possible.

    In all cases, by clicking on pertinent icon user can download full text.

  • 2- Advanced search
  • If user wants exact specialized information, he/her can use advanced search. This section by offering various options help user for a confined and precise search.

    In this section, by entering keywords in boxes consist of title, keywords, abstract, journal’ title, author’s name and selecting specialized group and time span and clicking on search button, results will be shown. Also user can use search operators “and - or” for confining or expanding results.

    For example, if user wants an article that has tree words “baby, corruption, application” in its title, should enter all keys in title box and use of “and” operator between them.

    For example, if user wants an article that has one of three words “baby, corruption, application” in its title, should enter all keys in title box and use of “or” operator between them.
    In all cases, by clicking on pertinent icon user can download full text.

  • Getting full text of articles

  • 1- Using simple and advanced search
  • Search results will be shown in form of a list to users that by clicking on download icon, full text article will be downloaded.

  • 2- Going to journal page
  • If user is aware of journal’s name and its group, after entering to home page, in journal’s section by selecting pertinent specialized group and its name user will transferred to journal’s page.

    In this page, in addition to bibliographic information of journal, list of published issues are offered and user by clicking on numbers of issues can access to published articles of that and by clicking on download icon can get full text.

  • Using Journals’ citation reports

  • one of the most well-known methods in evaluation of science is Scientometrics. In this field, through citation based indicators, can find out value and scientific attention to articles and journals. IF (Impact Factor) and II (Immediacy index) are Two of the most common of these indicators that offer in JCR.
    In order to use of JCR, click on JCR button.

    There are six reports in this page that categorized based on user needs:

  • Journal’s indicators in a given year:
  • for access to a given journal’s Scientometrics indicators, select the specialized group, so journal’s name and year, so click on report button. In a new page IF and II will be shown.

  • Indicators of all journals:
  • : in this report, journals’ indicators are offered in different years. Select a specialized group and year and so click on report button. A list of that group’s journals based on Scientometrics indicators will be shown.

  • Highly cited articles:
  • This report shows highly cited articles in a time span. To do this, input number of articles so click on report button. A list of highly cited articles will be shown. Through clicking on each article, all articles which have cited that article will be presented.

  • h6 id="sid-jcr4">Highly cited authors in a given year:
  • This report shows highly cited authors in a time span. To this aim, Input suitable number and set time span, so click on report. A list of highly cited authors will be shown. Through clicking on each author, his/her article will be shown.

  • Self-citation in a given year:
  • this report shows self-citation. Select suitable number and time span. A list of authors that cite to his/her articles and the number of citations will be shown.

  • 10 years journals’ indicators chart:
  • : in this report by selecting specialized group and journal, Scientometrics chart of journal based on IF and II will be shown. It should be noted that, this report is based on last citations to each journal. Moreover, journals that their age is Less than 10 year, from the first publication date will be shown.

  • Citation reports: WEB OF Knowledge
  • Institute of Scientific Information ISI As the largest reference Science Survey in the world Perennial Publishes Citation Reports. In this section Reports of this Institute of Scientific Divided since the users are located.

  • Up to date journals
  • Given the importance of Updating sources, in this section, up to date journals introduces and user can access through them to latest information.

  • ISI Iranian Journals
  • given the scientific sources in database and big size of information, this center is a big news source in them of extracting statistics and information, continually reports latest scientific Achievement of researchers and also SID news.

  • 2- Database of the scientific forum
  • Nowadays, very scientific conferences in different subjects are held in the country- that have high prestige. In these forum that some of them are held periodically, researchers offer their resaluts in format of articles, and transmit their ideas and experiences to scientific community. SID creates Bank of the scientific forum and indexed their articles to collect and protect of this scientifically valuable asset, and support of research centers and researchers. Scientific forum are categorized by specialized groups and titles.

    (1) All articles of scientific forum, offered Divided by specialized group and in format of conference, congers, seminar, Festival, symposium in full text paper.
    (2) In addition, through specialized groups, all held forums are accessible in each group segregated by type and number of held times. Also, in forums’ titles all resources are segregated by type.
    (3) Newest Seminars:In this section latest scientific forum that indexed in database is offered.
    (4) Future Seminars:In this section all forum that will be held in future is introduced. By clicking on conferences’ titles user will be transferred to formal website of conferences. In other hand institutions and organizers can inform scientific community in this way.