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Journal:   LAW REVIEW   Fall 2003 , Volume - , Number 29; Page(s) 257 To 284.


Author(s):  KADKHODAEI A.A.*

The EU, which has its roots in the early fifties, in a short time reached nearly all aims to which the founders had refereed. Establishing the major institutions and promoting its Member States to cooperate in economic, social, political and recently in military issues, the EU is going to attain the old aspiration of the Europeans, i.e., a United States of Europe. In this regard, the conclusion of the main Treaties and providing ways and procedures for cooperation in different sections, without doubt is the cornerstone of that unity.
Nowadays, the major issue which has been tackled by the lawyers and politicians, both inside and outside of the EU, is the issue of the constitution for this intergovernmental organization as it is the illustration of the main will of the Europeans toward a likely federal states similar to that of the USA.
The question of the possibility of having a constitution may arise. Further it may be asked whether or not the early Treaties would be regarded as having such status.
This Article, having in mind the importance of these Treaties, is going to find out an acceptable answer to that and in case that the answer is affirmative, the possibility of these documents to be as the EU Constitution, will be considered.


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