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Journal:   SOFFEH   FALL 2001-WINTER 2002 , Volume 11 , Number 33; Page(s) 47 To 57.

The Price Of Truth

Author(s):  Nadim H.*
One of the most attractive theoretical subjects, aesthetics has become an essential feature in the philosophical discourse of recent centuries. The first part of this article is a succinct overview of subjectivism in modern philosophy, and explains the central role of epistemology in the present aesthetics.Comparing the relationship between Man and Cosmos in modern and traditional ontology and drawing on mystical definitions of ontological beauty in Islam, a different interpretation of human creativity is presented concluding with a glance at Islamic architecture.
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NADIM, H. (2002). THE PRICE OF TRUTH. SOFFEH, 11(33), 47-57.

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NADIM, H., 2002. THE PRICE OF TRUTH. SOFFEH, [online] 11(33), pp.47-57. Available:

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