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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HUMAN SCIENCES   Winter 2003 , Volume - , Number 36; Page(s) 33 To 54.


Author(s):  SABERI M.*

All philosophers have made the discussions related to soul-including definition, provement and properties (especially substantiality and immateriality)-as an introduction to prove its survival. Plato believes the soul as an eternal matter due to immateriality and extensiveness which is the causer of forms world. From point of view of Aristotle the soul is a printed face in the body and so it will not remain without body unless a power from it named "wisdom" to be eternal through joining to active wisdom. Aristotle has said ambiguously about of active wisdom. Poltinus believes wisdom as an immaterial and a divine matter which has separated from its source and has traveled to material world and it will remain as spiritual and intellectual after death. Avicenna believes the soul in spiritual contingency and survival and has considered two positions for it: the position of substance and the position of act. He believes the soul as the origin of body members and a cause for its compiling and combination, and will not destroy by body abolishment. Hereby, Avicenna proves spiritual resurrection. Sheykh-e-Eshragh has also considered the soul (asfahbod light) survival. Proving the forms world, he took a long step to prove corporeal resurrection. But he didn't prevail on disputes due to knowing imagination as material and considering the unseparated imagination in climbness arc. Mollasadra believes in material contingency of the soul and its dynamic essence. He proved the spiritual and corporeal resurrection by gaining from his school bases. The soul reaches to soul-imagination grade through substantial movement and has Form members. The imagination faculty is the connector of human beings to forms world. A few people reach to the position of intellectual existence from the last spiritual existence and become as intellectual human being and real prosperity means this. The wisdom faculty is the connector of human beings to wisdom world. Soul faculties are in the body from Aristotle's & Avicenna's view, but according to Sadra the soul is as same as the faculties. Reasoning and imagination are substantive of soul and the other faculties will be destroyed by body.

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