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Journal:   RESEARCHER BULLETIN OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (PEJOUHANDEH)   2003 , Volume 8 , Number 3 (33); Page(s) 197 To 202.


Author(s):  FEKRI B.*, AZAR M., MAZLOUMI M.T.
* Faculty of nutrition and Food Industry, Shaheed Beheshti University of medical Sciences

Background: Cake as a snack has allocated the highest rate of consumption to itself. Thus, with respect to the necessity of diabetics to diabetic foods, the present research was carried out by aims of formulation and production of diabetic cake, comparing chemical and sensory specifics of diabetic cake and control cake, and also determining their glycemic index in type II diabetic patients.
Materials and methods: Formulation and sensory evaluation were performed by experimental studies and the cakes' glycemic index was determined by clinical trial. The chemical tests were performed according to the Iranian standard methods and A.O.A.C, sendory evaluation was carried out with two preference test by 30 type II diabetes patients using In-house consumer panel and cakes' glycemic index was determined in seven patients with type II diabetes in comparison with bread as standard meal. The subjects ate the portions of white bread or test cake containing 50 gr carbohydrate after an overnight fast with 3 days interval and blood glucose response was calculated on fasting, 60 and 120 minutes after the start of ingestion of the test cake or white bread by glucose oxidas method. analysis was carried out by t-test and two-side binomial.
Results: The result showed that there was significant difference between two kind of cake regarding ash, moisture, calorie and non-reducing sugar. Reduction in calorie intake of diabetic cake was about 22.6%. In addition, no significane difference was found in sensory evaluation between two kind of cake. Glycemic index of the dietetic cake and control cake was 77.96±22.93 and 112.63±35.19, respectively, the difference is significant.
Conclusion: There is the possibility to produce dietetic cake without sucrose by suitable sugar substitutes with good sensory specific and low glycemic index.

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