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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ISFAHAN MEDICAL SCHOOL (I.U.M.S)   Summer 2002 , Volume 20 , Number 66; Page(s) 1 To 5.


Author(s):  POURMOGHADAS A.*
* Medical school of I.U.M.S.

Aortic stenosis is seen in 1/4 of patients with heart disease. Nearly 80% of these patients are male. Aortic stenosis is congenital or acquired (degenerative). Diabetes mellitus and hypercholestrolemia arc known as risk factors for predisposition to aortic stenosis. Chest pain, exertional dyspnea, heart failure and sudden cardiac death arc serious complications of severe aortic stenosis. This study is a descriptive, analytical, case controle study that performed in 1378-1379.The patients with aortic stenosis or sclerosis that referred to Al-zahra Hospital for doppler echocardiography were asked about cigarette smoking and other risk factors for predisposition to aortic stenosis, and then the questionare was filled completely. 324 patients were classified into two groups. The case group were 162 patients with aortic stenosis or sclerosis and current cigarette smoking .The control group were 162 normal persons without the history of aortic stenosis and cigarette smoking. Sampling process was a simple randomized sampling. After completing the questinare and data collection, the data were analysed by SPSS (6) and results were obtained.
Current cigarette smoking in the case group was 43%, and 57% of the cases didn't have history of cigarette smoking. Current cigarette smoking in the control group was 14%, and 86% of the control group didn't have the history of cigarette smoking. Prevalence of cigarette smoking in the case group was 3 times more than the control group. Odd's ratio (OR) is 4.6. (95% Cl: 2.6 to 8.2). Calculated P value is less than 0.001The most frequent cigarette usage (pack / year) is 20-39 pack / year group (51%).
With regard to multiple adverse effects of cigarette smoking and predisposition to cardiovascular disease such as coronary artery disease (CAD), peripheral vascular disease (PVD), and aortic aneurysm, cerebrovascular disease (CV A), malignancies, pulmonary disease and on the other hand the high incidence of aortic stenosis and sclerosis in male gender, this case control study was performed for finding cigarette smoking prevalence in male group with aortic stenosis. According to the results of this study, prevalence of cigarette smoking in patients with aortic stenosis or sclerosis is 3 time more than persons without any aortic stenosis and cigarette smoking, so further research is needed for this problem.

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